Review – Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine. At first instance this may sound like an absolutely ridiculous film, and I wouldn’t question why. But that where I was wrong. Hot Tub Time Machine is a great comedy full of vulgarity and absurd situations leading to some great humor.

The film centers around 4 men whose lives have not gone in the direction they desired. Adam (John Cusack) a guy whose girlfriend has left him taking with her most of his possessions except for his nephew, Jacob ( Clark Duke) a video game addict who live in the basement. Lou (Rob Corddry), rightfully nicknamed the violator, is an alcoholic with no direction in life. Labelled as the“asshole” of the group, he certainly takes the liberty of being a dick to everyone he meets providing some vulgar but extremely hilarious humour. Nick (Craig Robinson) has wound up working in a dog parlour and to his dismay is married to an unfaithful and controlling wife.

"Its called male bonding ok"

When Lou almost dies after a night of a hard-drinking the group decide to head to the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort, a place in which some of their most memorable weekends were spent. Just like the boys, the resort too has seen hardship. During a crazy night of drinking in a hot tub the boys accidently spill a can of an illegal russian drink “Chernobly” and as a result wind up in 1986! At first they agree to play out the events exactly as they were for fear of having drastic consequences in the future. However they soon realise that this is the perfect opportunity for them to re write their destinies and have the future they always wanted!

John Cusack and Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine

The f**k?!

There is definitely a huge 80s vibe in this film, which on its own provides great humor. The film shines in capturing the setting,  from the music, to the dress and just the overall attitude of the people. When the boys bring in their 21st century lingo such as email and SMS things start to get a little confusing for others, mounting on the humor of the film. The film is full of references to 80s and I guarantee it almost impossible to spot them all in your first viewing.

John Cusack and Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine

The aspect of the film that disappointed me the most however was the story. Although it flowed and had a fast pace it was down right one of the silliest plot lines I’ve seen in a film. There were so many points in the movie where I found myself just thinking, ” who the hell came up with this!”. Even the time machine, a HOT TUB, how ridiculous can it be! The story itself too was also very clichéd and predictable. I felt like it could have used a few more twists to shake things up a little. Compensating for this though are the characters. It couldn’t be any better. The cast is extremely likeable and the chemistry between the characters is just brilliant. You have Lou the big asshole always getting into shit, the egocentric Adam, Nick lost and confused and Jacob stuck in the middle trying to keep things under control. They’re a blast! It’s because of these characters that we accept their outrageous circumstances and care for their issues. Comparing them to the cast from The Hangover, a film of similar pedigree, I would have to say that this quartet takes the gold.

Hot Tub Machine is a surprise hit. This is not by any shot a perfect comedy, but I would have to say its done a pretty good job when compared to some of its genre peers. It does have its flaws, but these are made up for by the extremely likeable cast that I believe saved the film from being something forgettable. If you’re a fan of the 80s, this is a must watch!

Rating: 7.0/10

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One thought on “Review – Hot Tub Time Machine

  1. i seriously want to watch it again now 😀

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