More than plastic to me

*wipes tear away*

15 years… It’s been 15 years since we were first introduced to Andy. 15 years since we were first introduced to the sheriff, Woody, and space guardian, Buzz Lightyear. 15 years since we first took our trip to Pizza Planet.

I feel by now “love” should’ve been pretty damn well defined. Love can be passionate, romantic, lustful, protective and patient, loyal and kind. But, I think Pixar with Toy Story 3 has discovered something we’ve all missed before. Toy Story 3, a story that has taken a decade and a half to finally come to a conclusion, wraps up not in a fight scene or a stirring speech, but in a new kind of love.

Why I unabashedly adore this movie is because it’s not really about the toy we love, it’s what it represents. The story begins not in Andy’s room, but in Andy’s imagination. Woody’s in a race against time to save the day. It’s a train robbery sequence. For a few minutes, we see what Woody unlocks within Andy’s mind and the places it takes him. It’s this imagination that Pixar loves and what makes us, as viewers. ultimately fall in love with.

But Toy Story 3 takes it even further. It’s a movie that’s in love with life, with the memories of life. The good ones as well as the heartaches. The decisions we take and the changes that they bring about. Things that will never be forgotten. And ultimately, it’s about letting go.

What I’m getting here is that the story of Andy’s toys is as heartfelt and wonderful as ever. Because Pixar has let these characters and their world age, we feel connected to them, it feels as though they’ve become an intimate part of our lives. Toy Story 3 is certainly about these characters and the different ways they get out of the predicament they find themselves in this film, but, it’s most gripping in the smaller moments between the characters. It’s the relationship between the toys and Woody’s realization of his unbinding loyalty to them, that gives the movie it’s emotional heft.

Toy Story 3 serves as a testament to the importance of friendship and the shared moments that tie us together.

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