A movie that kicked ass

Even the mere mention name of the film suggests a movie that is amazing, filled with action and riddled with punchy dialogue and obscene swearing. It is a more realistic and modern approach to a super hero movie, realistic in that protagonist has no superpowers yet battles modern evils that exist in our daily lives. And if you haven’t guessed the movie by my description and more obviously, the title of the review, may god help you because, that’s right, I am going to review one of the greatest movies of 2010…Kick Ass

I do realize that this review might be quite late, seeing as the movie was released around two months ago, but even now, a whole 60 days after seeing the movie when someone asks about it or mentions it, I still rant about how great the movie is and remember the emotional roller coaster it took me on when I watched not only the movie, but also the advertisements. I also know that though some people thought it was an ok movie, aka Nushzaad D and many other critics, I personally believed it was a brilliant movie  and I ask to all the readers out there, was it not so?

Movie Summary

Now for those of you who don’t know the storyline, the movie follows a teenager named Dave Lizewski played by Aaron Johnson, who decides to take the initiative to be a real life superhero, like those found in comic books,  in a crime infested  city. However, there is one problem… this masked “super hero” has no “superpowers”, no training in a martial art and nor  is he a multi millionaire/billionaire who can afford high tech gadgets and weapons. All he has is a strong heart, resilience and a stubborn teenage attitude running through his blood. After an initial set back sending him to hospital, he is recorded protecting a helpless man from being killed by three biker gang bangers and instantly becomes an internet phenomenon and receives worldwide recognition due to the power of YouTube.

While all this is happening we learn of a father-daughter masked vigilante team comprising of an ex-cop known as Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and an 11-year old Hit Girl (Chloë Moretz) , which has the aim of taking down an evil drug don by the name of  Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong) so as to exact revenge for the death of their wife/mother. Both the stories combine when the mafia boss Frank realizes he needs to kill Kick Ass as an example of what will happen if people try to be vigilantes (A whole wave of people carrying out vigilante justice ensues after the video goes viral and kick ass spirals to fame) and so sends out his son Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) to lure in kick ass by  pretending to be a fellow masked vigilante going by the name Red Mist. As both stories merge, characters are drastically changed, bullets are fired, people are killed, beaten up, tortured and basically asses are kicked.

What I think

This movie was based on the graphic novel of the same name, and truly brings out a whole wide spectrum of emotions with funny, dramatic, happy, sad, romantic and adrenaline pumping scenes. It has smart and punchy dialogue backed up by stellar acting performances especially from newcomer Chloe Moretz and actually pretty much the rest of the cast, and an amazing storyline that grips you from the start. There is some great action and amazingly choreographed fight scenes, as well as surprising and juicy twists that can give you chills just because of their pure awesomeness.  Now though I agree with the fact that it was wrong to have an 11- year old using very vulgar language and a wide variety of swear words,  I personally believe that actors have to do what they need to do to get their part across as believable and create a true connection with the audience. And who are we kidding by saying that 11 year olds don’t know how to swear, when in fact they probably start hearing these words at the age of 9? I think that though it wasn’t morally correct, the fact that hit girl swore wasn’t a good enough reason to give the movie a bad rating, because all  in all the entire movie was great and personally I cannot find one flaw in it. And if you do have a flaw that you would like to point out, be my guest and comment.

This movie displayed great character change and versatility in character, had amazing acting performances as well as a great story. All of which was accompanied by one of the greatest sound tracks I have ever heard which I shall review very soon.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I suggest you go buy the DVD, download the torrent or even stream it because it is not only a movie but an experience. I am going to definitely re-watch this movie when it comes out on blu-ray. I say we all have a blu-ray premiere at Mihir’s house, who’s with me? 😛

Kick Ass to me was not only a great and unforgettable experience, but was also inspirational and supported my personal feeling that we as people have the power to achieve what we want to and can be whatever it is that we want to be if only we never give up.

Sagar Scores a brill 9/10 😀


One thought on “A movie that kicked ass

  1. anyabukshi says:

    Blu-Ray at Mihirs!

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