I’m not LIEing when I say Lie To Me is great

Lie to me is one of the newer shows that I’ve fallen in love with, and is definitely one of my favourite shows especially after the demise and growing stupidity of other cable shows like Heroes, Lost, etc. etc.

Lie To Me was introduced to me by a friend around a year ago, and it centers around Dr. Cal Lightman a psychologist who pioneered the field of facial expression reading, mainly micro expressions, and through his reading Dr. Lightman can tell whether someone is lying and what emotions they are feeling at the time as well as their reactions. Now though this is a crime solving drama type show, a genre which is way overdone by American cable TV, it is different in many ways.

Firstly the main protagonist played Tim Roth  of the show is a great actor with interesting and great dialogue which sets him apart from the other main male characters in crime dramas.  He does not have stupid one liners like Horatio Caine from CSI Miami, however he does have the same cool, I dont care about what people think of me because i’m so cool but I’ll get pissed if you hurt me or people around me type attitude. This mixed with a Gregory House type suave, genius and expert knowledge in his field and most importantly “houseisms” i.e. the greatest one line insults and punchlines. Much better than *puts on sunglasses* Horatio Caine’s lines and one liners*YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Ok all stupidity and CSI Miami mocking aside,  Tim Roth is a great main character with his utter Britishness  and great delivery of speech and acting. But the other members of the cast shouldn’t be put down, they each have all their perks and strengths, along with a few and mainly insignificant lapses.

The other reason I love this show so much is the diverse range of cases that are shown, not every show depicts a murder where the murderer has to be tracked down nor is it always rescuing a hostage from capture after the family is blackmailed. The plot varies from court room cases, to murders, to fighting terrorism (no, not jack bauer style) and even to high stakes poker.

Trust me when I say Lie to Me is an addicting show, that is both entertaining and a learning experience in the art, or more correct, the science of lie detecting. This show has had me hooked from the start, and is much more than your average, run of the mill crime drama t.v. show. It strives to be more than that, and in my opinion it definitely is much more than that.

So if you have a lot of free time this summer, just try watching one episode of lie to me 😀


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