Mrs. Marple

A Murder is Announced.

The late David Giles directed this murder mystery – The late Dame Agatha Christie wrote it.
She’s a famous crime writer, but wrote romances too, though under a different name.
She is mainly remembered for her 80 detective novels – one of which is A Murder is Announced.

The delicate Joan Hickson plays the character of Mrs. Marple – the detective.
She does a stellar job; she manages to seem like an old, confused lady. Though in relality, she is the sharpest knife of them all.

The action is set off with an advert in the paper announcing that there will be a murder in the Chipping Cleghorne Gazette to take place on October 5th, 7 PM at Little Paddocks cottage. The residents of the village all turn up at the house a little while before 7PM to witness the prank themselves.

Little did they know, the “prank” is not a prank at all and someone gets shot.

With a whole lot of suspense, a splash of excitement, a dash of frustration and a few more deaths, the movie continues.

And like most good mysteries, the ending will catch you off guard.

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