GLEE: Britney Vs. Brittany

For all you Gleeks that don’t already know, filming for season 2 of the UBER popular Glee has begun.  With that of course comes a slew of new guest stars, one of which seems to be causing the most hype.  That is: Ms. Britney Spears.

Spoiler for Season 2:  There will be a whole episode dedicated solely to Britney Spear’s music, much like The Power of Madonna episode of the first season.  In it, Heather Morris as her breakout character of Brittany will be the main focus of the episode.  Not much is known of it besides that the scene where Spears will appear, Brittany will be undergoing a hallucinogenic dream which will recreate the Me Against The Music video between Britney and Madonna, with Britney fulfilling Madonna’s role.

With Matthew Morrison’s (Will Schuester) public cry to not have Spears music on the show, Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee) has announced that the episode will also show Mr. Shue’s resistance to doing Spears music on the show.

To keep us interested in the episode, Britney Spears herself released a photo from the set with Morris on her Twitter.

For all you Gleeks 🙂

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