One ring

One ring to rule them all

So I recently decided to re-watch one of films greatest stories, The Lord of the Rings by legendary director Peter Jackson. 11 hours on and I was left with one of the best experiences of film in my life.

Despite each film clocking in at monumental lengths I, personally, never felt that any of the films were dragging at any point. I was completely involved in the movie. The ability to capture an audience for such long periods of time is a mark of Peter jacksons great directing

The core reason of such length is the brilliant story. Tolkien’s epic-fantasy story is one of the most beloved tales in history and Jackson was set with the challenge of bringing this to the big screen. A challenge in which he responded to with great success. The story is presented in brilliant fashion. Battle sequences are beyond epic and the settings are gorgeous with director Peter Jackson filming many scenes on location in New Zealand. The attention to detail is there so much to even include the elvish language. Die hard fans are sure to be more than satisfied. Sure there have been some omitted scenes but this is more than compensated by the brilliant presentation of the entire film with respect to the the novel. At the end of the day your going to watch a film not a recitation of the novel.

The lord of the rings is very much a character driven story along with being an epic-fantasy quest. We witness Frodo Baggins change from a lively hobbit to a weak and traumatic character as he struggles to resist the temptations of the ring. At the end of the tale frodo may seem like the obvious hero but from what I perceived his companion Sam was the real hero. Throughout the course of the entire story he was the one character who was never tempted by the ring. He is a true companion, someone who remained faithful to the end, someone trustworthy, someone who keeps his promises regardless, a guardian who stopped at nothing to protect Frodo.

However the most intriguing of the characters is Golem the mad hobbit driven insane by the ring. The brilliance of the character is his split personality, A good innocent side and the evil corrupt side. Golem is a complex character, he is much more than the ring obsessed freak many perceive him to be. Through him we witness battles of what is right and what is wrong and given the circumstances what we choose. We learn through this character that simple things such as kindness can bring out the human even from the most inhumane creatures. However betrayal and temptation can awake the little demon that resides in us.

The Lord of the Rings is one of films most brilliant achievements and in my opinion probably the best book to film adaptation to this day. The story, action, characters, setting and brilliant score by Howard Shore make this trilogy a must watch by a long-shot. Peter Jackson has blessed us with a spectacle in film like no other.

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