Glee: Blame it on the Alcohol

Spoiler Alert!

After an absent Kurt and Blaine in last night’s episode of Glee, the show will return next week for an all out wild weekend for the Gleeks.  And I have to say, I’m pretty pissed.

Judging by the promo, the creators of the show have gone out of their way to have Lea Michele kiss every new hot guy that comes onto the show.  Case in point, next week’s episode Blame it on the Alcohol focuses on the Gleeks getting their party on with Kurt and Blaine in tow.  A game of Spin the Bottle later, and Rachel and Blaine are getting their mack on. 


As we all know Darren Criss is straight but seeing as how the creators have promoted the hell out of the fact that he is some ‘gay’ role model, let’s just hope that this act actually serves the show and isn’t some stunt to add some drama.  And we ALL know that if Blaine turns straight, Ryan Murphy will never see the light of day again.

The promo in question after the jump:

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4 thoughts on “Glee: Blame it on the Alcohol

  1. Dana Johnson says:

    I am also pretty angry and also, you’re right. If Blaine does turn straight, Ryan Murphey will never ever see the light of day. We want Kurt and Blaine to get together later on. We want Klaine. So, after the preview, I was hating on Rachel. (Like I wasn’t before but, I am hating on her even more)… I love Kurt! He is by far my favorite character of Glee and I don’t want to see his heart get even more broken and even more hurt. Blaine is my second favorite character, ever since I found out about him and also heard his voice. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Reply back to me if you want to have a conversation on this subject or on other subjects of this or other matters… 🙂

  2. DeeDee says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Blaine and Rachel kiss… Everyone seems to be drunk out of their minds and we have all heard of 2 straight girls goin at it when they have a little too much. Honestly, if it was a big deal I don’t think that they would have put it in the promo if it was a big deal. But I am a huge Klaine fan, like HUGE Klaine fan and I did freak out at first but I thought about it a little and I honsestly dont think Ryan Murphy would be dumb enough to make Blaine go straight or something like that. It would just piss people off and I think everyone knows that. 🙂 Don’t worry, be happy! hehehe XD

  3. norlisar says:

    good thing Blaine turned out okay right? 😉
    thank you for your comments and support! ❤

  4. norlisar says:

    looks like you were completely correct
    can’t believe theres only a few episodes left to season 2

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