“So, how was the movie last night?”
“It was awesome!”
“Yeah, what was so good about it?”
“ I don’t know, it was just awesome!”
Our goal here at FilmFix is to go way deeper than just “awesome”

Mihir Jham

For the most part, I’m a person who’s lost in his own thoughts. To keep myself from just solely existing, I try and talk about movies whenever the opportunity presents itself. Writings, musings, ramblings – it’s all about the MOVIES for me. So, I guess Filmfix was godsend for me, wasn’t it? Anyway, I think I need to get the tissue now after this masturbatory post.

Anya Bukshi

Well, my passion is music. That being said, I also enjoy watching films from various genres, that depict unorthodox themes and that involve you, as a viewer, to reflect on the film and dissect it critically. I hope to express my thoughts about particular movies that people might not have considered and that may even sound a bit far fetched.

All in all, I’m just giving my take, be it positive or negative.


Prashan Kukanesan

Movies. Be it action or animation, the medium of film has always been one of my favourites. I’ve always been one to look beyond the surface image of film and film fix has provided the perfect podium for my interpretation, thoughts and debate. With so many people on board there sure to be some intense arguments and clash of views, I’m one to take on a more ‘aggressive’ stance when it comes to these things!  –  Anyways, I can’t find a way to end this mandatory post.

Welcome to film fix!

Nushzaad Darukhanawalla

The name’s Nushzaad, and I’m a kid who loves to criticize, be it movies, games or society. Filmfix provides me the opportunity to let off some steam and express my views and thoughts on movies that I enjoy and respect. Okay…clearly there isn’t anything else that I can think of to write in this column, so lemme just give y’all a quick insight into the movies I dig. I need CGI, I need explosions and I need action. That’s all you guys need to know about me, love y’all. Cheerio!


My dream is to pursue something to do with film production but since that’s probably not going to happen, I’m hoping to put all the stuff I know about movies into something more constructive rather than just being a collection of thoughts in my head.

Sagar Sawlani

Hey guys,

My name’s Sagar as you can see. I live in Dubai, UAE but I’m Indian.  Well my life is made awesome and very fun by 3 very important things.            

1) My friends and people I love 😀 ❤ 2) Music, though the music I listen to is not normally classified as happy, it does keep me a cool headed guy. I love music ranging from classic rock to  punk rock to electronica/house to some rap (eminem :P) , but especially HEAVY METAL \m/ 3) Movies, (DUH). Unlike some of the other people above, I only just recently became a movie buff. And I trace the origin of my movie watching love from the day I watched Pulp fiction, which the Jhaminator recommended me to watch. That day was the first time I knew I was watching a masterpiece unfurl before my eyes and let me tell you it was a mind blowing experience.  So now whenever I watch a movie, a part of my brain turns on, the part of the brain that judges movies for me. For me a good movie should have good/punchy/beautiful dialogue, it should be fun and entertaining, it should have great and believable acting roles as well as dynamic characters as well as many other things. But for me, a movie is great when it sends chills down my spine (Drama’s, mysteries, heist movies, etc.’s) , when I can’t stop laughing (comedies), when it puts me on the edge of my seat (suspense), when I feel like i’m in the action (action, sci fi). For me a good movie is a movie that takes the audience into another world and makes them think or feel something extreme. For me a good movie is one when where you walk out of the cinema, or pop out the DVD/Blu Ray and feel like you spent your money and time well, and would gladly do it again or even if it fills your head with thoughts you need to air, which is why I am thankful for filmfix.

So to all you readers, I can be very long winded at times,  but I hope you enjoy reading my reviews 😀


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